Dust Removal With Super Ion Air Knife and Light Duty Line Vac

Cap De-duster

We always enjoy solving problems for the end users of our products.  Last fall I worked with a company in Lebanon needing to remove static dust from small caps as they travelled down a conveyor line.  We discussed the needs of the application, I made model number recommendations, and the system was installed.  Using a 3” Super Ion Air Knife and a Light Duty Line Vac, the end user was able to eliminate the static, remove the dust, and vacuum away the dust as needed.

Now, this same end user is aiming to repeat the application, only this time for a larger cap.  The setup is identical – the caps travel left-to-right on the conveyor track, they are blow off with ionized air from an EXAIR Super Ion Air Knife, and the dust is collected with a Light Duty Aluminum Line Vac.  The only revision to this system (and retroactively applied to the last) was to reposition the Super Ion Air Knife so that the caps spend more time in contact with ionized air.  This allows for increased throughput, should the application ever require increased production.

It’s great to solve problems for our customers.  It’s even better when the solution worked so well that it leads to repeat business.

If you have an application in need of an EXAIR device, but aren’t sure which one to use or where to start, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

Audi Update:  The holiday break was slated as a perfect time to dive back into the engine concern on my latest project car, but, sadly, it didn’t happen.  Check my blog post next week for a full report.

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