Let it Snow, Let it Snow


Winter has been interesting so far to say the least; an Alberta clipper followed by mild temperatures then another clipper. With the transition of temperatures comes snowfall. I can’t say that I am too fond of driving through or shoveling this stuff but my dog sure loves the snow. He woke me up at 1 AM to go outside. I thought it was a routine nature call. As it turns out all he wanted is to frolic in the snow! He didn’t want to come in and I wanted to go back to bed.

Winter brings not only cold and snow but low humidity levels. Dry air is less conductive than humid air resulting in problems with static electricity. We have all experienced static cling on our clothes and an occasional static shock. On a personal level, it is more of a nuisance but in manufacturing, ESD (electro static discharge) can have some serious ramifications. With more computerization being introduced to the factory floor, ESD is more of a concern with keeping operations up and running. A single ESD can wipe out a control board, give misreads on sensors, etc.

EXAIR has a full line of static eliminating products to solve ESD problems in the manufacturing environment. Give our application engineers a call 1-800-903-9247. They will review your application with you and make a product recommendation. Then, EXAIR will provide you a 30 day evaluation. If you are not satisfied for any reason you can return it for full credit.guarantee

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