Spool of Dispair

I had an application this week that showed the difference in power of HP1126 nozzle from an 1126.  A spool of nylon thread needed to be pushed from a ramp onto its side on top of a conveyor that would pass the spool under a bar code reading station.  I had my own skepticism if the 1″ Flat nozzle would be able to topple the 8″ diameter spool that weighs 3 pounds, but the customer agreed to try the 1126 Flat nozzle for the application, but she also purchased a HP1126 in case she needed more force.  It was very little risk to her if it didn’t work, because of EXAIR’s 30 Day Unconditional Guarantee.


She set the system up, but could not get the spool to fall over.  She called in with the results and how it was set up so we could go through the troubleshooting steps. We asked the customer to put a pressure gauge on a pipe tee just before the nozzle.  The inlet pressure was 80 PSIG at the gauge, so we had a good air supply.  They changed the angle and position of the air blow off, but still no luck.  Fortunately for our customers, EXAIR’s flat Super Air Nozzles (1″ or 2″ wide) are the only flat nozzle family to allow for adjusting the air gap and force from the nozzle. In this case the customer bought one of each nozzle, a standard force and a high power version. But they could have chosen to simply purchase additional shims which can be changed to produce different levels of force. EXAIR’s flat nozzle family have shims from .005″ through .030″ in order to solve the broadest range of applications. Sure enough the nozzle the customer was using only had a 0.015″ shim.  The 1126 Flat Nozzle features a 0.015″ and the HP 1126 uses a 0.025″ shim. The next step in the process was to try  the HP1126 high power version. The larger shim in the second nozzle made all the difference in the world.  The spool moved easily off of the ramp onto the conveyor belt.


If you have any questions or have your own application that you are doubtful of, feel free to contact us.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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