End User Finds Help With Multiple Applications Using EXAIR

In my blog last week I mentioned the various markets we serve at EXAIR and how, despite the cold weather in the U.S., demand for product like our Cabinet Coolers is still high in other parts of the world.  This week has been no different.  In fact, I’ve had an increase in the need of our overseas end users for Cabinet Coolers.  And, I’ve had domestic end users calling in for static related problems that notice our other products on the web and earmark them for later use.

For example, the same end user that needed our Ion Air Cannon to solve feed disruptions of a pill filling machine earlier this month (see blog here), had another application and gave me a call.  The new application needed to remove a powder from the exterior of an open container while eliminating static as the product travelled down a conveyor.  The open containers were filled with powder in a dedicated room, then conveyed through a wall to an encapsulate room.  With the current setup, powder is flooding the encapsulate room and this is an undesired occurrence.

So, the end user and I kicked around a number of ideas including using a Super Ion Air Knife for an air curtain, using Air Amplifiers to create a constant “dispersed footprint” of air at the opening between the rooms, and even discussed pressurizing the encapsulate room a smidge to keep powder from entering.

Ultimately, after working around space and budgetary constraints, we settled on the solution of using Super Ion Air Knives along the sides of the enclosures and operating at t low pressure, mounted in the encapsulate room and aimed into the fill room.  This solution aims to remove the static, blow off the unwanted powder from the containers, and provides a method to keep the powder out of the encapsulate room.

This application was sorted late in the day yesterday, the product was on the shelf and it shipped same day. I am confident our customer will be pleased with the results.

But, the bigger point that came about from this application was that our end user knew instinctively to contact EXAIR for assistance with their application.  If you need help with your application, contact an EXAIR Application Engineer.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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