EXAIR Products Can Solve Hot And Cold Weather Related Problems


Cold temperatures are everywhere in the U.S.  And along with the cold swing affecting us here, there are higher temperatures than normal in other parts of the world.  For example, Australia recorded their hottest year on record in 2013 (According to the Bureau of Meteorology), and Brazil is currently experiencing higher than normal temperatures as well.

What this means for us at EXAIR is that we are staying sharp on how to solve both hot and cold weather related application problems.  Heat induced application needs such as Cabinet Cooler installations or spot cooling with a Vortex Tube do not simply fade away because it is cold outside.  And, although it may be freezing outside, electrical enclosures can still overheat.

Joe Panfalone posted a blog a few days ago about sizing an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler, which we do on a regular basis.  Our Application Engineers can determine application heat load, calculate the changes to an application with varied compressed air temperatures, and are well educated to navigate the installation of any of our devices.

One of those devices is the Super Ion Air Knife, a product that receives more attention when the temperatures and humidity drop.  Lower humidity is a precursor to increased static electricity, and our Super Ion Air Knife is designed to utilize a Super Air Knife to transport an ion array within an application to remove static.

Earlier this week an end user made modifications to their setup, which resulted in the need for a longer electrical cable on their Super Ion Air Knife.  When the end user called in, we went through the options of making a custom Ion Bar (to mount onto the Super Air Knife – How To Mount An Ion Bar To A Super Air Knife video here) or simply purchasing one of our stock  extension cables.  In this application, the extension cable was a perfect fit.  The end user needed approximately 5 more feet of cable length, which our model 7902 provides.

Indifferent to hot or cold weather, our Application Engineers are on call to help with any needs we can.  If you have an application in need of EXAIR product, give us a call.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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