EXAIR Products Continue To Deliver Solutions

SIAK Curtain For Car Body Blowoff

Years ago when I first joined the EXAIR team, I spent time going through the current and old catalogs, newsletters, press releases, and case studies to learn about the products.  One of the applications that stood out to me, probably because of my background in the automotive industry, was the use of our Super Ion Air Knives to remove static from a car body prior to painting.  In this application EXAIR Super Ion Air Knives solved a static related problem causing imperfections in the paint process.

A year or so later I was in a Ford factory in St. Petersburg, Russia, discussing the same application.  When they asked if we had ever solved a similar problem, I could say with certainty that we had.

Now, a few more years later, another auto manufacturer has contacted me, looking to solve the same problem.  So, it is again with certainty that I can confirm we have solved this problem.

Often, EXAIR products are used within a new application.  Whether it is the use of a Line Vac to pull material through the center of a metal detector (vacuuming the “found” items), or separating concrete and plastics through the airstream of a Super Air Knife at a recycling center, the new uses of our products are found daily.

And yet, there are tried and true solutions in which EXAIR products continue to deliver.  If you have a problem in need of a compressed air based solution, we’re here to help.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

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