It’s as easy as Pi

First off, I would like to say happy Pi Day!  To anyone that has to deal with math every day, or if you are a nerd like myself (and most of the rest of the crew here), then you know your 8th grade math teacher wasn’t lying when she said you’ll use this when your an adult.

So here at EXAIR the wonderful Professor Penurious has graced us all with pie for Pi day.

CoOp-Pi Day1
Wow, there is a TON of pie around here today!!

As I sit here eating a wonderful piece of cherry pie, I am thinking of how I had a customer that was wanting to buy the smallest Atomizing Spray Nozzle we offer, they currently had a model EB1040SS which is our largest External Mix Wide Angle Flat Fan Spray Nozzle.  Due to the versatility of our Liquid Spray Nozzles, instead of buying an entire new nozzle, the customer was able to simply buy just an Air and Liquid Cap.  They were extremely pleased with this solution due to the fact it is merely a trial situation and they aren’t quite sure what they need to achieve their goal.  What they do know is, they can buy multiple caps to interchange on their single body and perform all the testing they wish to determine what will cover their plethora of applications.


If you have any questions or would like see which of our versatile products will fit your application, please let me know.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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