Super Air Wipe Blows Wire Clean After De-scaling Process


We had a customer recently who processed wire rod. Part of their processing includes de-scaling and polishing the outside of the wire. Their problem was that at the out-feed of the polishing machine, they were getting a lot of carry-out of grit and scale from the wire de-scaling and polishing process.

To counter the problem of carry-out, they decided to mount model 2400 ½” diameter Super Air Wipe at the out-feed section of the machine in order to blow back all the debris and scale into the machine where it could be collected nicely by a drawer in the bottom of the machine base. Prior to installing the Super Air Wipe, the customer would have to clean up piles of debris outside the machine. Now it is all contained nicely within.

Do you have an application where you are processing a continuous, round, extruded material that needs to be cleaned, dried or blown off?  If so, the Super Air Wipe is an excellent choice to provide the full 360 degree wipe around the outside of the material.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer

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