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This week The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes completed an improbable run to win their eighth national championship and their first since 2002. After two blowout losses in the BCS National Championships games in 2007 and 2008, the Buckeyes came back to slay the elephant from the SEC and clip the wings off the drake from the Northwest. The Buckeyes were underdogs in both games by at least a touchdown against Alabama and Oregon, but soundly defeated both opponents. There is a lesson to be learned from the Buckeyes and their coach Urban Meyer: incremental growth leads to exponential gains.This is not a lesson unique to the Buckeyes, football, sports, or EXAIR, but continually improving in small ways every day will net exponential gains toward your goal.

The Buckeyes started out the year losing their second game of the season to Virginia Tech, a team that finished tied for last place in the ACC Coastal division. This was not a good showing. In particular the offensive line of Ohio State looked awful in the game. The most obvious statistics signified that the line performed poorly. The offensive line gave up 7 sacks in the game, and the team only gained 108 yards rushing. As a Ohio State fan, the game seemed to confirm all of my worse fears about the team. The team was young, overmatched, hamstrung by a small playbook, and lacking in consistent offensive force.

Fast forward to last Monday night, the running game was able to put up 296 yards against Oregon after putting up 281 yards against Alabama vaunted defense in the Sugar bowl. This is quite a jump from the Buckeye team that was beat up by Virginia Tech. The same players played on the line in all three games, so what changed. The players practiced, worked, trained, learned, and grew. This new group of 5 lineman played a majority of the games for the rest of the season and learned to play as a team.

We have a team here at EXAIR as well. Everyday we work to get better. We are learning about new industries. We are testing our products in new applications. We are coming out with new products. We are here to help you. We want to know more about your industry and how you use compressed air. Is there a problem your are having with high usage, too much noise, or unsafe conditions? Gives us a call. We have help industry use compressed air intelligently for 30 years.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

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