O H…I O!

This week The Ohio State University Football Buckeyes completed an improbable run to win their eighth national championship and their first since 2002. After two blowout losses in the BCS National Championships games in 2007 and 2008, the Buckeyes came back to slay the elephant from the SEC and clip the wings off the drake from the Northwest. The Buckeyes were underdogs in both games by at least a touchdown against Alabama and Oregon, but soundly defeated both opponents. There is a lesson to be learned from the Buckeyes and their coach Urban Meyer: incremental growth leads to exponential gains.This is not a lesson unique to the Buckeyes, football, sports, or EXAIR, but continually improving in small ways every day will net exponential gains toward your goal.

The Buckeyes started out the year losing their second game of the season to Virginia Tech, a team that finished tied for last place in the ACC Coastal division. This was not a good showing. In particular the offensive line of Ohio State looked awful in the game. The most obvious statistics signified that the line performed poorly. The offensive line gave up 7 sacks in the game, and the team only gained 108 yards rushing. As a Ohio State fan, the game seemed to confirm all of my worse fears about the team. The team was young, overmatched, hamstrung by a small playbook, and lacking in consistent offensive force.

Fast forward to last Monday night, the running game was able to put up 296 yards against Oregon after putting up 281 yards against Alabama vaunted defense in the Sugar bowl. This is quite a jump from the Buckeye team that was beat up by Virginia Tech. The same players played on the line in all three games, so what changed. The players practiced, worked, trained, learned, and grew. This new group of 5 lineman played a majority of the games for the rest of the season and learned to play as a team.

We have a team here at EXAIR as well. Everyday we work to get better. We are learning about new industries. We are testing our products in new applications. We are coming out with new products. We are here to help you. We want to know more about your industry and how you use compressed air. Is there a problem your are having with high usage, too much noise, or unsafe conditions? Gives us a call. We have help industry use compressed air intelligently for 30 years.

Dave Woerner
Application Engineer

EXAIR Sells Internationally Through Distributors As Well as Factory Direct

Many folks who live in countries other than the US, probably see EXAIR Marketing campaigns as they pop up on their e-mails, social media and various web sites that are involved in our promotions. Perhaps they are interested, perhaps not. In any event, how do you go about finding out who to contact to buy EXAIR products around the world?

We have an answer to that. There are two ways in which a prospective customer can find out whether they work through a local distributor or with EXAIR directly. The first step is to log onto www.exair.com and click on the “International” button at the top right hand part of the screen. There are a few quick questions to answer, but then you have access to our International Distributor Search Map.  The map is a Google maps based tool that we have generated to allow our customers to find out who sells the product in their area. Simply click on the map for your region of the world and locate the closest EXAIR flag and click on it to get direct access to our distributors.


If for some reason you cannot use the map to find a distributor or perhaps there is no distributor for your area, you can contact our International Application Engineering and Sales Department. Our contacts are given below:



Contact info

John Ball, Lee Evans and Neal Raker are here to answer your Application Engineering questions, refer you to the correct distributor, help with pricing and make commercial offers for those with whom we can work on factory direct basis.

It is our sincere hope that all folks from around the world feel welcomed to contact with us at EXAIR so we may help with your productivity and air savings applications.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer

Customer Service?

Recently I was having some issues with my cell phone dropping calls and frequent undelivered texts, emails and voice-mails so I placed a call to my provider to see what could be done. From my previous experience with cell phone providers, I knew this was going to be a tedious process but was hoping for the best since I have been an 8+ year customer. So I contacted the company last week and explained my situation. They advised that the service in my area had been acting up and they would need to open a file on my line that could take 7 – 10 days before I would receive a response. The VERY next morning they called to tell me that there were issues with the coverage in my area but it had been resolved.

So as the week went by and I was still experiencing the same issues, I called the company back. This time I was transferred to the technical department so they could troubleshoot my device – after a 2 hour phone call, they could provide no reason as to why I was having issues and offered me no course toward a resolution. Now frustrated, I decided to visit their website and participate in their chat option to see if we could get to a resolution. No such luck, I now had to elevate the situation and speak to a manager.


After 17 phone calls to customer service and a total of 5 online chats, I finally got the one person who was actually willing to help. After reviewing the notes on my account, she offered me a free upgrade, without extending my service contract, shipped the replacement phone for overnight delivery and waived the $40 activation fee for the new device. Of course I was pleased with this resolution but asked why it was necessary to jump through so many hoops about the same issue – “it really depends on who you talk to and if they want to do the work or not”. In my opinion, that’s a pretty sad approach toward servicing a customer.

At EXAIR, our main focus is customer service and we will make every attempt to provide assistance and handle your request(s) in a prompt and thorough manner.  The fact is, a sales person can sell just about anything once.  It is the service that you are provided – that installation and maintenance guide or 3D model that can be easily downloaded – that takes a company with amazing products over the edge.   We strive to ensure you have every possible way to reach our Application Engineers.  We are here to help you not only determine which product will work best in your application, but also to help you troubleshoot your existing product, determine what air savings you have gained from installing an engineered solution, as well as figure out ways to make your operating area a safer, quieter place for your employees.

Here are some very recent comments we have received from customers:

  • “Super fast service. EXCELLENT!” – Joe, industrial laser manufacturer
  • “I called your customer service line and Vikki Foley was very helpful and even though it was late Thursday afternoon, she sounds like she enjoys her job.” – Mark, rapid prototyping and product design company
  • “Fantastic service. Very fast responses and concise information.” – Chase, display technology manufacturer
  • “Russ Bowman was an excellent help. He was respectful and went out of his way to find information that I requested. Would definitely recommend working with Exair. Outstanding customer service!” – Kathryn, engineering consultant

We can’t ask for anything more than that. We want to do the work, we want to make it easy for you.

Please feel free to contact us – via phone @ 800-903-9247, by email techelp@exair.com or our online chat for assistance with your compressed air application today.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer