Cabinet Coolers in January?

Dual CC outside

Without putting too much thought into it, one might assume that January would not be Cabinet Cooler season. But actually, our friends in the southern hemisphere (Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Argentina, Chile and Brazil) are experiencing their summer at the very same time that we in the mid-west of the United States have been having some bone-chilling cold weather blow in from Canada. Our New Zealand distributor told me just the other day that they were having 35°C days with water restrictions and everyone is on fire watch because it is so hot and dry right now.

As uncomfortable as that might be for the folks living there, many must continue their production in the un-air conditioned environments. And in doing so, they have to keep their machines up and running to maintain production. But the controls for those machines are not always so cooperative because the CPU is overheating or the inspection camera is giving out because it is too hot.

Where do they turn?  EXAIR of course. Once our distributor partner assists the customer with sizing and makes recommendation (sometimes with a little help from us). The customer installs the Cabinet Cooler System and has taken care of their overheating problem within the application once and for all.

The reason why I say “once and for all”, is that the Cabinet Cooler Systems have no moving parts and are virtually maintenance-free. There are no filters to constantly change due to dirty factory environments. And best of all, the Cabinet Cooler can continue to operate in the range of 20 years plus.

When you compare the small cost of a Cabinet Cooler System to that of down time, lost production and the cost to repair burnt out controls, it is truly an easy decision to make.

So, back to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere, where hot and dry is the order of the day, consider having an EXAIR Cabinet Cooler for your application today. Contact us in the International Application Engineering / Sales Department or consult our International Distributor Locator to find the distributor near to you.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

EXAIR Sells Internationally Through Distributors As Well as Factory Direct

Many folks who live in countries other than the US, probably see EXAIR Marketing campaigns as they pop up on their e-mails, social media and various web sites that are involved in our promotions. Perhaps they are interested, perhaps not. In any event, how do you go about finding out who to contact to buy EXAIR products around the world?

We have an answer to that. There are two ways in which a prospective customer can find out whether they work through a local distributor or with EXAIR directly. The first step is to log onto and click on the “International” button at the top right hand part of the screen. There are a few quick questions to answer, but then you have access to our International Distributor Search Map.  The map is a Google maps based tool that we have generated to allow our customers to find out who sells the product in their area. Simply click on the map for your region of the world and locate the closest EXAIR flag and click on it to get direct access to our distributors.


If for some reason you cannot use the map to find a distributor or perhaps there is no distributor for your area, you can contact our International Application Engineering and Sales Department. Our contacts are given below:



Contact info

John Ball, Lee Evans and Neal Raker are here to answer your Application Engineering questions, refer you to the correct distributor, help with pricing and make commercial offers for those with whom we can work on factory direct basis.

It is our sincere hope that all folks from around the world feel welcomed to contact with us at EXAIR so we may help with your productivity and air savings applications.

Neal Raker
Application Engineer