Atomizing Nozzle Helps Defeat Odor

A customer was faced with a problem. She worked at a local garbage dump. People would bring their garbage every week to dispose. Her responsibility was to keep track of the local patrons. On the warm days, the smell was at its peak. They supplied her with a limited amount of fragrance sanitizer to help with the smell, but depending on the amount of warm days and the amount of refuse, she was sometimes in the “stink”. She saw our advertisement about how EXAIR can save fluids and money with our atomizing nozzles. She purchased our SR1010SS nozzle. It is our siphon fed round pattern style nozzle. With a small air compressor, she was able to spray a small mist of fragrance. She could even adjust the amount with the liquid adjustment stem for those warm days.   Thus, she was able to save the company money by conserving the fragrance and have enough good smell around her to keep her nose happy.

Atomizing Nozzle
Atomizing Nozzle

EXAIR offers a large line of atomizing nozzles. We use them in washing, rinsing, coating, cooling, quenching, humidification, and dust control. If you are able to pressurize the liquid, you can use the internal and external mix nozzles. In applying a mist instead of a spray, you will be able to save material. To even help more in the savings, we also offer the No Drip Atomizing Nozzle. This product is great if you are starting and stopping a process. As soon as the pressure is released, a seal is applied to keep the material in the atomizing nozzle.

If you want to apply liquid using compressed air, EXAIR could have the product for you. With a little ingenuity and help from your application engineer, we could turn waste into wonder.


John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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