Heavy Duty Dry Vac is a Perfect Fit for This Application

A milling company contacted me for help to improve their scrapping operations.  They had 8 machining stations that were used to machine cast iron.  The chips were removed from the machines by a conveying system and dumped into a wheel barrel next to each machine.  Throughout the day, the CNC operator would have to remove the wheel barrel to the scrap recycling area.  The operator would then shovel the chips from the wheel barrel into 55 gallon drums for storage.  The company had concerns with safety ergonomics, and they wanted to improve the efficiency of the operation.

I suggested the Heavy Duty Dry Vac.  The vacuum generator is made from a hardened steel construction which is very resistant to wear.  It has a higher vacuum level to pick up heavier material at a faster rate.  With the cast iron chips having a bulk density between 130 – 200 lb/ft^3 (2082 – 3204 Kg/m^3), this was the right tool for the right application.  He purchased the model 6297, the Deluxe Heavy Duty Dry Vac System.  It included the 55 gallon lid vacuum system, heavy duty aluminum tools, drum dolly, 10 foot (3 meter) anti-static vacuum hose, and 20 foot (6.1 meter) compressed air hose.  Now, with their new product and new procedure, the CNC operator was able to place the Heavy Duty Dry Vac lid system onto a 55 gallon open drum, turn the unit on, and vacuum the cast iron chips from the wheel barrel.  Once the drum was full, he could swap lids to an empty drum to repeat the operation.

Heavy Duty Dry Vac in operation
Heavy Duty Dry Vac in operation

EXAIR was able to address both concerns.  It was faster, saving them down time and improving operation efficiency; and, it was safer, eliminating the need to shovel and improving health ergonomics.  Because of the wide range of products that EXAIR offers, we can help you with saving money and overall safety.  If you would like to discuss any of your issues with our Application Engineers, you can contact us at your convenience.

John Ball
Application Engineer
email: johnball@exair.com
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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