EXAIR’s Dual Cabinet Coolers w/Electronic Thermostat Control

ETC Dual CC Systems
Model 9258 ETC System

Hi Folks! Well we have managed to expand our offering of Cabinet Cooler systems to include Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems that are now available with the Electronic Thermostat Control. Previously, the Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems were only available from stock with our standard thermostat model 9017 and an appropriate solenoid valve to suit the voltage needs of the application.

Now, customers who have a need for one of the Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems can get all the flexibility, ease of use, feedback and adjustment that comes with the ETC controller. If you would like to review an in-depth video on how the Electronic Thermostat Control works, you can click to watch a video I completed on this topic, Video Blog: Electronic Temperature Control.

Some of the features of the Electronic Thermostat Control include:

  1. Display of current temperature inside enclosure.
  2. Easy adjustment of temperature set point, temperature unit of measure and offset temperature (mentioned in the video).
  3. The RTD temperature sensor allows for system hysteresis of +/- 1 °F.
  4. The ETC is available in a an enclosure suitable for NEMA 12, 4 and 4X environments to go along with all our Cabinet Cooler Systems.
  5. The ETC is also UL Listed and CE compliant to insure good, safe operation.
  6. 120 and 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. Systems are available.

If you would like to add the Electronic Thermostat Control on your Cabinet Cooler System, consider models 9238, 9239 (for single Cabinet Cooler Systems), 9258 and 9259 (for Dual Cabinet Cooler Systems) Electronic Thermostat Control Systems for your application.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

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