Super Blast Back Blow Safety Air Gun Solves Unique Problem

I worked with a customer who asked us to design a custom “air lance”  as a solution to clean the ash buildup inside their furnace chamber. Their needs included the airflow to be reversed, coverage area of about 6 – 8″ and it had to fit inside a 2-1/2″ diameter pipe with at least 2′ length of pipe to reach the inside of the chamber. They were thinking of using a section of pipe/tube with (2) of our Nano Super Air Nozzles mounted at a 20° angle to be able to blow off the inside wall of the pipe. While we have the capability of making a special built product, in many cases there is stocked option available, capable of meeting the requirements.

Considering their desired airflow requirements and clearance restraints, I recommended our Model # 1219SS-3 Super Blast Back Blow Safety Air Gun with a 3′ extension. This unit features our 1NPT Back Blow Air Nozzle which directs the powerful 360° airflow backwards, away from the nozzle, perfect for blowing out the inside of pipes, hose or in this particular application, the inside wall of the chamber. The design of the Super Blast Safety Air Gun features a spring loaded manual valve, providing automatic shutoff and a comfortable foam grip. The 3′ extension provides the extra reach they need to get to the inside wall and the 1.75″ outside diameter of the air gun would allow the customer to easily fit the unit into their 2-1/2″ pipe.

Model # 1219SS Super Blast Back Blow Safety Air Gun
1219SS Dims
Model # 1219SS Dimensions


From our Precision Safety Air Guns, where you need to deliver a more focused airflow to our Super Blast Safety Air Guns for applications needing a lot of force over a large area or long distance, EXAIR has you covered. All of our Safety Air Guns meet or exceed the OSHA requirements for allowable noise exposure levels and 30 psi dead end pressure – our units cannot be dead ended.

If you need help selecting the best product to fit your needs, please contact an Application Engineer. Of course, if you do require a custom product, we can do that too!

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer


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