Ion Air Gun Used by the Quality Control Department

A Quality Control department had static issues when analyzing color swatches. Their production process was screen printing on polycarbonate sheets.  They had our Super Ion Air Knives and Ion Bars in their production process to remove static and debris.  During the die cutting operation, a color swatch was removed for QC to inspect.  They would use an instrument to verify the color and clarity.  During the inspection, they would periodically have a rejection.  In inspecting the swatches, they noticed a lot of debris that was collected on the surface.  This would affect the reading of the instrument.  They tried to wipe off the debris, but because of the static build-up on the surface, it was hard to remove all of it.  Being that they were familiar with EXAIR products, they contacted us and I suggested our Ion Air Gun.  The ions would remove the static while the air flow would remove the dust.  Once in use, the reliability of the inspection instrument was much improved.

Ion Air Gun
Ion Air Gun

One of our more versatile Static Eliminator products is the Ion Air Gun. You can turn the unit on and start blowing ionized air to remove static and contaminants from lenses, sheets, plastic wrap, plastic products and other materials holding a static charge.  It comes with a 3 meter cable to give you a long reach and a High Velocity Air Jet that produces a large amplification ratio to reduce the amount of compressed air use.  The ergonomic, light-weight, and rugged design makes it an effective air gun to remove both static and debris.

In this instance, the Ion Air Gun was a nice accessory for the QC department to clean surfaces before inspection. It made their job more effective and less time consuming.  If static is a big issue, you can always contact an Application Engineer for help.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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