Heavy Duty Line Vac Moves Glass Bead and Does Not Wear

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Crushed glass test media

The question came in the other day about whether our Line Vac product has ever been used to transport glass beads before. Our Line Vacs have been used in a variety of applications from Cleaning up a CNC Sawing Application to Transferring Alumina Desiccant and keeping tension on a Trim Scrap Removal Application. So we are quite familiar with the creative ways in which a Line Vac can be used to make industrial conveying and tensioning applications more effective.

The real question that the customer was asking though is, “Will your Line Vac product hold up to abrasive material moving through it?” The answer is yes, it will. We have engineered a material and hardening process for our Heavy Duty series of Line Vac product, which gives superior resistance to abrasion from the kinds of materials that are intentionally used to “blast away” surface rust, debris, or paint from surfaces, usually to prepare them for some sort of coating. In fact, during the testing phase of development, we tested a variety of very harsh, abrasive materials through the Heavy Duty Line Vac  continuously, long term, until we arrived at just the right combination of material and hardening process that provided us with little to no wear effect from the abrasive material.

150100 Heavy Duty Line Vac
150100 Heavy Duty Line Vac

So, whether you have a job to clean up after a bead blast operation or need to transfer an abrasive material from one tank to another, the Heavy Duty Line Vac product is definitely something you will want to consider for the job.

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Neal Raker, International Sales Manager



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