Enjoy Your Family and Friends

As many of us gather together for the holidays we may get to see (or have to see) family members and old friends we do not normally visit. I particularly enjoy this time of year (not only for the food) but I get to see my 2 cousins, 1 who lives in Texas and the other in North Carolina. This is the only time we can ALL get together and this year is a little more special as one of my cousins gets to meet our new son for the first time.

My family celebrates the same way a lot of families do, by preparing a lot of food, complete with all the trimmings. As most families have their own tradition, mine isn’t much different. After we say grace, we start at one end of the table and work our way around so everyone has a chance to give thanks for their blessings. I personally am thankful for more than words could ever express. I have a beautiful wife, who supports me through all life’s craziness. I’m blessed beyond measure to have 2 wonderful, healthy boys who I cherish more than anything and a family I can confide in and turn to whenever needed.

The other thing I have been particularly blessed with is my job. I have an awesome job! I am truly thankful that I work for a company who values it’s customers and it’s employees just the same. I have only been here a short time, but it has truly been the best year and a half of my career.

Our offices will be closed on Thursday and Friday of this week and next week so our employees can celebrate Christmas and the new year with their families. Everyone has a tradition, and whatever yours is, I hope you celebrate to the fullest and enjoy each other’s company. We never know what tomorrow brings so be thankful for the days you have and live life to it’s fullest. Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



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