EXAIR’s New Ion Air Gun

4 R UMAX PL-II V1.4 [3]
Model 8193 Ion Air Gun
EXAIR Corporation has designed and introduced a new design for our Ion Air Gun. The new design is able to perform all of the same functions as our previous model with the additional features that the design is even more rugged to withstand the rigors of industry in a variety of applications.

The New Ion Air Gun, Model 8193 still has the UL component recognition for the US and Canada. It is also CE compliant to applicable European directives for safety as well as electromagnetic interference. It is OSHA compliant for dead end pressures in that it keeps the output pressure well below 30 PSIG when dead ended. Keeping our RoHS compliance was another important factor when putting together the new Ion Air Gun design parameters. 

With the new design, we have integrated the grounding reference into the high voltage cable so there is now only one connection that must be made at the power supply for the high voltage signal as well as the return path for Earth ground. We have also changed the cable construction to be built using a flexible PVC coated, metal armored conduit  to resists scrapes, nicks and cuts in the cable. This conduit also provides electrical shielding to maintain CE compliance.

The modular, high voltage, cable assembly is also removable to allow for cleaning and replacement of the solid, stainless steel emitter point to insure problem free operation. The Ion Air Gun comes standard with a 10 ft. long, high voltage cable. However, other lengths up to 50 ft. are available by request.

When powered by Model 7960 Power Supply, the new, model 8193 Ion Air Gun remains shockless to operators and incorporates over-current protection by means of an integrated fuse in the power supply. This new power supply has a selectable voltage feature which allows you to choose 115 VAC or 230 VAC, both 50/60 Hz. 

The New Ion Air Gun will make a great addition for any application requiring a flexible static eliminating solution to be moved around easily and operated by personnel working in packaging, finishing, plastic molding, pre-paint dust removal and many more applications.

Give the New Ion Air Gun a try. You will be pleased with the fast static decay times and impressed with how easy it can remove static in your application.

Neal Raker, International Sales Manager

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