Sometimes it can be too hot for a Robot

Robots are awesome for repetitive operations in harsh environments.

In this instance, a manufacturing plant was using a robot arm to remove parts from a molding machine. They were having issues with the electronics overheating.  They decided to do a thermal imaging scan, and they found that the heat was coming from their treatment furnace.  As you can tell with the image below, the high temperature (light orange color) was radiating onto the robot enclosure.  The temperature at the cover was at 60.6 deg. C (141 deg. F).  This was too hot for proper operations.  So, they contacted us to see if we could suggest a product to help keep their robot cool.

Thermal Image Temp = 60.6 deg C (141 deg. F)
Thermal Image
Temp = 60.6 deg C (141 deg. F)

In reviewing the elevated ambient temperature and the dimensions of the enclosure, I determined that our HT4215 High Temperature Cabinet Cooler would work great in this application. Our HT Cabinet Coolers are designed to handle ambient temperatures from 52 to 93 deg. C (125 – 200 deg. F).  They can be mounted easily onto the enclosure, and the internal profile is small as not to contact any of the components inside.  The Cold Air Distribution Kit (included with this model) can maneuver the cool air to the hotter areas and to the more sensitive electronics.

High Temperature Cabinet Cooler
High Temperature  Cabinet Cooler

Once it was installed, the robot was functioning without issues or shut downs. If you have issues in a harsh environments, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Application Engineers at 800-903-9247.  We may have something that can keep your operation running smoothly.


John Ball

Application Engineer


Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

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