Protect Finishes and Save Liquid with EXAIR No Drip Atomizing Nozzles

A typical “liquid-only” nozzle is capable of producing droplet sizes of 300-4,000 microns. Atomizing Nozzles’ droplet sizes are consistently under 100 microns, and can be as small as 20 microns!

In today’s market, the cost of consumable products are on the rise; especially with paints, oils, and yes, even the cost of water.  You can help ease some of that cost by being more effective in spraying.  The EXAIR Atomizing Nozzles can achieve this objective.  By using compressed air, the liquid can be sheared into small micron-sized droplets.  As a reference, if the diameter of a particle is reduced by one-half, this will multiply the number of droplets by eight.  So, smaller diameter droplets will increase the coverage area and reduce liquid requirement in your application.

EXAIR manufactures three families of Atomizing Nozzles; Internal Mix, External Mix, and Siphon Fed.  We offer a variety of spray patterns and sizes; so, you can accurately target and use the proper amount of liquid in your system.  In this blog, I will narrow my discussion to the No Drip External Mix Atomizing Nozzles.

The No Drip option is offered with all of our Atomizing Nozzles.  This patented design is used to keep the expensive liquid from dripping out of the Atomizing Nozzles during off cycles.  When the compressed air is turned off to the nozzle, a valve inside the body will create a seal on the liquid side.  This No Drip function enhances the External Mix Atomizing Nozzle for intermittent processes as the liquid remains inside the body for quick spraying. With delicate applications, the unwanted drips will not occur to ruin the finish of your product.  Unlike some manufacturers, there is no need to run a separate compressed air line to operate the no drip function.  The External Mix Atomizing Nozzles with the No Drip options can give you the best performance in efficiency, effectiveness, and flexibility without any drips.

No Drip External Mix

To expand on the External Mix Atomizing Nozzle, it atomizes the liquid outside the nozzle.  The air and liquid supply are pressurized and can be controlled independently.  This type of Atomizing Nozzle will allow for higher viscous fluids to be sprayed up to 800 CPS, similar to SAE 40W oil.  Also, with the external mixing, it helps to diminish the drying effects of solutions which will reduce shutdowns for cleaning.  EXAIR manufactures these nozzles with stainless-steel construction making them compatible with many different kinds of liquids.  They are used in many applications like washing, coating, cooling, quenching, and dust control.

Spray nozzles in action.

EXAIR stocks three different body sizes in 1/8” NPT, ¼” NPT, and ½” NPT ports; so, you can create a light mist or a monsoon.  The combination of an air cap and a liquid cap controls the spray patterns and liquid flow rates.  These caps are easily interchangeable for each body size to change the spray patterns, control the amount of fluid, and reduce any downtime for cleaning.  The amount of liquid to be applied is easily adjusted by the inlet air pressure and liquid pressure.  So, you can dial in the exact amount of fluid required for your process to stop any waste or excess.

They have a compact design to mount inside tight areas, and we also have mounting brackets for easy attachment and positioning.   If your application needs versatility, fluid savings, and precise coverage; the No Drip External Mix Atomizing Nozzles could be the nozzle for you.  If you have any questions about our Atomizing Nozzles or spraying applications, an Application Engineer at EXAIR will be happy to help you.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb


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