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The past few weeks have found me on vacation, taking some well earned time to relax with family.  While feeling very European for the extended holiday, I also had some time to reflect and let my thoughts wander.  One such thought was the mindset and culture of business, and how a business conducts itself internally.

This particular thought came to mind when wrestling with a service provider over an account I cancelled almost six months ago.  To my surprise I keep receiving a bill every month and it seems never-ending that I have to call in again and explain that I switched to a competitor.

What stands out in these interactions is that no matter the person to whom I am speaking, their response is generally the same: “My boss wont allow these changes..”, which then requires me to speak to a supervisor and jump on a merry-go-round of a phone call that is almost immediately regrettable.  But it makes me think, “Who are these bosses?”

Maybe I’m blinded by my desire for vindication in this particular scenario, but its my firm belief that those in a higher position are supposed to lead by example.  There’s a very clear distinction between a boss and a leader, and I think the graphic above says it all.

We give great care to make sure EXAIR stays in the category of leadership, whether in the marketplace with our products, or internally through our personnel.  Yesterday I worked with an end user helping them select the proper Chip Vac for their application.  At the end of the call they guy told me “You guys are the best.  This is the second time I’ve worked with you and its been outstanding.”

You don’t get those unsolicited kudos by sitting on the business.  They come from leadership.

Let EXAIR show you the difference.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer