Chainsaws, Log Splitter, Friends, and Don’t Forget The Dead Trees

Since Halloween is over and all the pumpkins have now either been smashed, trashed, or baked into delicious pie form, it is getting cold here in Cincinnati.  This is the time of year when my friends and I get up early on the weekend and wreak havoc on some dead trees with our log splitter.  That’s right, it’s time to make some firewood.

Now I realize it’s not good to burn freshly cut wood and that it doesn’t burn near as well.  This is why we try to do this a year in advance but due to schedules this year we are just now getting around to it.  Not to mention we have a freshly rebuilt log splitter that was finally finished last weekend.  This log splitter started life as a much larger piece of equipment over 30 years ago and was then Frankensteined into the log splitter it is today.  Unfortunately it’s not quite as cool as the other one below.

Since owning a home my two closest friends and myself have all burned firewood every winter to heat our homes.  They both went and bought chain saws based on price, one went with a Craftsman, the other went with an Echo brand saw.  I on the other hand went with a tried and true saw,  my fathers early 1980’s Stihl.  (Picture is similar to my saw)

This saw has seen better days by far but requires minimal maintenance and can eat through the hardest pieces of wood we can find.  Before finishing the fix of the log splitter I decided to take the saw to my local family owned Stihl dealer and see what he recommends I do to it before the upcoming weekend.  The owner of the shop couldn’t believe I was actually using the saw and continued to tell me that he tries to keep models like that fully restored on a shelf because they are so good.  Needless to say I tried to trade him for the brand new comparable model and he wouldn’t go for it; but, he did sell me the new air filter I needed.

With that single 10 dollar part I was up and running in 2 pulls of the cord and cutting firewood.  I’ve sharpened the chains and prepped the gas cans for this weekend.  Now I just need to get a flannel shirt to go with the lumberjack beard. (Pics to come next week)

The point of this story is that my father knew quality when he saw it and it has stood true for over 30 years.   My friend who originally bought a Craftsman saw now owns a Stihl, and the third guy just mooches from us.  Here at EXAIR we have been making Intelligent Compressed Air Products for over 28 years and continue to maintain high quality standards and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.   So if you are looking for a product that is going to last and be backed by a 5 year built to last warranty then give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer