Step by Step Guide – Choosing Atomizing Spray Nozzles


Atomizing spray nozzles atomize fluids to create a fine spray in a variety of patterns for a variety of uses. They are commonly used to mark products, paint or coat, cool, reduce dust, lubricate and clean parts.

With the numerous types of Atomizing Nozzles sold by EXAIR, it can be challenging to shift through all the information. We can help you to narrow down the field to quickly find the correct Atomizing Nozzle for your application.  In a summary, here are the basic questions that need to be answered:

1.) Are you using a pressurized liquid feed?

2.) What is the viscosity of the fluid?

3.) What is the liquid feed rate in gallons per hour (gph) or liters per hour (lph).

4.)  Should I use the No-Drip option?

EXAIR’s flow chart with easy-to-follow steps will walk you through the decision tree and land you at the best Atomizing Spray Nozzle for your application. In answering these simple questions, this chart will guide you to the correct page in our current catalog to get additional information and specifications.    Click on Link below to determine the best nozzle for you.


When it comes to spraying a fine mist, EXAIR has a great range of Atomizing Nozzles. If you follow the flow chart, you will get the best product to spray your liquid and reduce waste.   If you have any problems or questions, you can contact one of our Application Engineers at EXAIR.

John Ball
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_jb

Introducing….Our Continued Commitment to New Products

There’s a lot of flutter this week about the Consumer Electronics Show going on and all the latest gadgets.  I’ve seen numerous Twitter posts and feeds updating those of us not present in Las Vegas about all the latest creations from top electronics producers, and the products are quite inviting.  (Something that has stood out to me amongst these posts is the presence of celebrities and some of their aggressive Twitter campaigns to launch products.)

With all this discussion about new products, I thought it’d be a shame not to mention a few of ours.  For anyone who uses EXAIR products, our Atomizing Nozzles have quickly become a familiar product.  With the diligent work of Professor Penurious and the rest of the staff at EXAIR, we’ve positioned ourselves to launch even more Atomizing Nozzles!  We have an external mix line of nozzles, and a siphon fed nozzle line that have recently been added, look for their official debut soon.

Application photos and full web pages are in the works, but you fellow blog readers have the inside track on product availability!  If you have a potential need for a liquid spray nozzle, give us a call.  We’d love to work through the application with you.

And what celebrity should we get to plug our new stuff from their Twitter account?

Lee Evans
Application Engineer