It’s Always Nice To Find “Good People”

lost-wallet (1)This past Friday I got home from work and went to drive somewhere when I realized I couldn’t find my wallet.  This of course induced panic since, like most people, I carry my life in my wallet.   So the search began, as well as the trouble caused by short term memory loss.  After searching through both cars, the motorcycle, all the dirty laundry, and the house, it was not found.   Not only could I not find the wallet but I had no recollection of when the last time I used something from my wallet was.

Saturday was a new day and I went through everything again with no wallet.  Contacted a few of the EXAIR team members and luckily one was in the area of the office so we stopped in to see if it was here.  After he had to wait for me to get here for at least 20 minutes due to some lovely mid-Saturday traffic, we came in and still couldn’t find the wallet.  So I just started watching all of the accounts for my various credit cards, waiting to see the balances change.  There was nothing, zero transactions, so I decided to wait until today when the entire crew is here to see if someone had found it.  The first stop I made after searching my desk again was our Human Resource person, who oddly enough had a grin on his face.   It turns out the cleaning crew had come in on Friday night and found it, so they left a note on the wallet and put it in a locked office so it wouldn’t be bothered.

The entire time my wallet was lost I had little hope that if someone found it, they would do the right thing and return it.  I did have the slight hope it would show up in the mail but was still extremely doubtful.  It all boils down to the fact that everyone I reached out to here at EXAIR was more than willing to help me try to find the wallet and were willing to sacrifice time with their families just to help out a fellow team member.  Those are the only type of people that work with our way of doing things here at EXAIR.  I would consider them all to be “Good People”.

We aren’t just going to treat each other like that, we even treat all of our customers like that.  We’re not going to try and steer you to the most expensive solution just to get more money into our pockets, we’re going to try to find the best solution for your given problem and if we can’t help you solve it, well, we will tell you that too!

So if you need help with finding the correct EXAIR product to fit your application, give us a call.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer