A Matter of Choice

They say having multiple choices in life is a good thing.  This is also true when it comes to spray nozzles, specifically EXAIR’s atomizing nozzles.

Spray nozzles in action.
Spray nozzles in action.

Atomizing nozzles are used to coat, cool, treat, and paint products.  They are also useful for dust mitigation.  EXAIR offers a variety of nozzles, all stainless steel construction for durability and corrosion resistance, that allow for many different spray patterns.   The nozzles only come with two inlet sizes – 1/4NPT and 1/2NPT,  but this is not really the choice-limiting factor it sounds to be.  There are a variety of spray patterns and liquid volume outputs available per size.  The way the air and liquid mix together creates the style of nozzle, they are Internal, External, Siphon Fed, No Drip Internal, No Drip External, and No Drip Siphon Fed.   On top of that, with each mix style and size, there are a large number of spray patterns available.  More choices!

Internal mix nozzles mix a liquid (viscosities up to 300cP) and air, both pressure fed, inside the air cap and produce the finest atomization.  External mix nozzles mix a liquid (viscosities above 300cP) and air, both pressure fed, outside the air cap and allow the liquid and air flows to be adjusted independently.  These nozzles have the highest flow rate and are best used where precise liquid flow is needed.  Siphon Fed nozzles require no liquid pressure.  They can be used with gravity fed liquids (viscosity up to 200cP) or liquids from a siphoned height up to 36in.

The spray patterns available are:  Flat Fan, Deflected Flat Fan, Wide Angle Flat Fan, Narrow Angle Flat Fan, 360° Hollow Circular, Round, Wide Angle Round, and Narrow Angle Round.   Each pattern is different and is tailored for certain usages.  Think of how you use your garden hose.  Many of the patterns and their uses are the same.

Mix and match to meet your needs.  With all the combinations available, you should have no problem finding the perfect pattern for your application.  If you find this plethora of choices to be a bit overwhelming and need assistance, please contact an EXAIR Application Engineer at 1-800-903-9247; we would be happy to assist.

John Pinchek
Application Engineer

The Bigger, The Better

One of my favorite hobbies over the summer months is going camping with my family. I grew up camping with my grandparents, brother and 2 cousins. My grandparents did have a camper but the majority of the time, the 4 of us kids, camped behind the trailer in tents. My wife on the other hand was a “newbie” to the whole camping scene so when we decided to begin this adventure we purchased a low-cost, lightweight hybrid style camper so she could have all the amenities to keep her comfortable – a bed, A/C, toilet and TV.

This year we were planning on going on an early vacation in May so I wanted to get the camper out of storage and prepare it before we left so when we got back we could start our weekend camping trips right away. I headed over to the storage lot only to find a tree branch had fallen through the roof! Needless to say, I was not a “happy camper” (pun intended). Not only that but it appeared it happened some time ago as the ceiling and certain parts of the floor were getting soft from rain. I immediately called my insurance company to file a claim and dropped the unit off at my local RV shop.

Roof 1
View of branch through the roof
Ceiling 1
Uuummmm – I need to speak to the “Branch Manager”

After about a week, I received the call from the RV shop advising of the repair costs which were about $3,000 higher than the actual value of the trailer. The insurance reviewed this information and determined the unit as a total loss and would be issuing us a check for the market value of the unit. We were somewhat bummed because we really liked our little camper and the memories we shared. Our oldest son learned to ride his bike w/o training wheels and he caught his first fish while camping in that trailer. Now that my wife is on board with camping and with the extra $ in our pocket, it’s time to shop for a bigger, new camper – I am thinking 5th wheel! This also means a truck upgrade to something bigger, at least a 3/4 ton, something I am sure will make my wife happy.

Keeping with the bigger theme, here at EXAIR we recently released our NEW 1/2″ Atomizing Nozzles. The larger size allows for higher flow rates and larger coverage areas.

Model EF5010SS
NEW Model # EF5010SS – 1/2″ NPT External Mix Narrow Angle Flat Fan Pattern Atomizing Nozzle

We offer the following options:

Internal Mix Narrow Angle Round Pattern – Flows up to 231 GPH, require pressurized liquid and air.

Internal Mix Wide Angle Round Pattern – Ideal for covering a large area, adjustable to a fine mist or heavy spray.

Internal Mix Flat Fan Pattern – Perfect for efficient output of costly liquids.

Internal Mix 360° Hollow Circular Pattern – Provides 360° even flow in all directions.

External Mix Narrow Angle Flat Fan Pattern – Able to handle thicker fluids than internal mix and providing independent air and liquid control.

Siphon Fed Round Pattern – For non-pressured liquid applications, up to 24″ of suction lift.

All of the above are also available with our No Drip feature to stop the liquid flow after the air supply has been turned off.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer