The State of Manufacturing


Most of my reading about current events is done online.  Today, however, I had the opportunity to read the paper as I was waiting for an appointment.  I found my way to the business section and was please to find a number of good articles addressing US manufacturing.

These articles were in response to Tuesday night’s State of the Union Address by President Obama, during which he discussed improving employment possibilities through creating more manufacturing jobs.  Regardless of the private sector in which your company operates, a national call for an increase in domestic manufacturing is, and should be, a topic of much regard.

I found these articles to be of particular interest considering EXAIR’s position as a manufacturer in the marketplace.  I’ve included links to the three articles on the front page of the business section below.

What Industry Needs

Manufacturing Creates Value for Employees and Communities

Manufacturing Must Be a National Priority

If you have a moment to read through them, please do.  And please share your thoughts.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer