Product Overview – Gen4 Ion Air Gun

Within industrial processes, static electricity can lead to a variety of problems like printing errors, harmful shock, damaged product or shorted life for electrical components. EXAIR offers a wide range of static eliminating products that can help control this nuisance and restore material to an electrically balanced state.

When it comes to a static causing problems with a manual operation, our Gen4 Ion Air Gun is the preferred choice. The Gen4 Ion Air Gun incorporates a thumb trigger air gun with an ionizer attached to deliver a bulk of positive and negative ions to quickly eliminate the surface charge of a material, up to 5kV in only 0.18 seconds, when operated at 80 PSIG.

Easy to use, effective static elimination

The Model # 8193 Gen4 Ion Air Gun is shipped from stock with a 10′ flexible armored and electromagnetic shielded cable to protect against potential damage in an industrial setting. (special length cables up to 50′ are available if needed).  The cable assembly can also be easily removed for cleaning or replacing of the stainless steel emitter point, allowing for worry free, proper operation.

Here is a short video showing how to change the emitter point:

The Gen4 Ion Air Gun is UL recognized for the US and Canada and CE compliant, meeting the product requirements for items being sold in European markets. It also meets 2 important OSHA directives relating to the safe use of compressed air. The first being OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910.242(b), requiring that the outlet pressure of an open pipe, nozzle, air gun, etc., when used for cleaning purposes, must remain below 30 PSI when dead-ended. The second being Standard 29 CFR 1910.95(a), protecting workers from potential injury related to dangerous sound levels of 90 dBA or higher. Additionally, the Gen4 Ion Air Gun is RoHS compliant as well.

Model # 7960 and Model # 7961 Gen4 Power Supplies – 115VAC or 230VAC, fuse protection, modular cable

They are designed to be used with our Gen4 Power Supplies, Model # 7960 with 2 outlets or the Model # 7961 with 4 outlets for powering multiple ionizers. The Gen4 Power Supplies are selectable voltage, 115VAC or 230VAC, and feature a 6′ modular power cord and lighted power switch.

To discuss how the Gen4 Ion Air Gun or any of our other products can help solve your process needs, give me a call at 800-903-9247.

Justin Nicholl
Application Engineer



Ion Bars Eliminate Static on RFID Tags


A customer contacted me from the narrow web / label industry recently and provided the image above (please excuse the typo). They have a static problem on their narrow web processing machine. While that isn’t a big surprise, the symptom of their problem was quite interesting. The customer is applying RFID tags to this narrow web and re-winding the web back onto the roll you see bottom right in the photo above. And their problem is that the static being generated within the re-winding process is enough to cause as many as 25% of their RFID tags to go dead as a result of discharges within the roll itself. Figuring that static was his problem, the customer contacted EXAIR and we recommended that he use two model 7006 Ion Bars and one model 7907 Power Supply to treat both sides of the web just before it is re-wound onto the roll. The point where the red arrow is located indicates the suggested mounting point. The web was travelling slowly enough that simply passing through a couple of ion bars would remove the charge down to a more manageable level that would not interfere with operation of the RFID tags.

Once installed, the customer was able to eliminate the damage to the RFID tags caused by static discharge.

Neal Raker, Application Engineer