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Last week I read an article by William Deresiewicz about solitude and leadership. In my very short and lax description, Mr. Deresiewicz is making the point that you need to have some time alone in order to sort out the world around you and devise a plan. He delivered this point as a lecture to the plebe (freshman) class at the United States Military Academy at West Point.

If you are at all interested I encourage you to read the article found in the link above. He uses the book Heart of Darkness and the movie Apocalypse Now to make some of his points if that makes it more interesting to you. He also speaks of todays social media immersion as influencing our solitude.

Most interesting to me is a portion of the lecture where he, counterintuitively, used a conversation with a trusted friend as a form of solitude. His point being that a good, long conversation is thinking out loud, it is a path to “discovering what you believe in the course of articulating it.” And to a great extent determining your perspective through an extensive conversation with another. It is an occasion to speak of  “doubts you aren’t supposed to have, questions you aren’t supposed to ask. Feelings or opinions that would get you laughed at by the group or reprimanded by the authorities.”

Now first recognize that I am a man with a wife and three kids. Each kid is involved in several extra curricular activities of their own which need attention and action on my part, pretty much immediately after work. Once the kids are in bed, it is time to resume other work which needs to be done. I speculate many of you can relate to this kind of busy routine whether it involves long commutes, family, hobbies, volunteering, sports etc. It is difficult to find time to decompress or have an in-depth conversation with someone. These “conversations” are typically distilled down to updating your Facebook status and “liking” the status’ of some others. Don’t discount the value of a good conversation, take some time and have one.

To a lesser extent, prior to determining your life perspective or direction, even short conversations provide solutions to problems. They still give you the ability to relay your doubts and ask questions. You can still express your opinion and get feedback from another person. These are reasons why EXAIR offers so many ways for you to communicate with us. We are fully staffed with experienced Application Engineers who have heard the best of ’em – have you heard about the Line Vac duck feeder or T-shirt launcher? You can call us and have a conversation or you can choose an online chat. You may want to send us an e-mail, we receive e-mails with type, images and videos regularly. Would you like to send us a drawing of your idea, no problem, we can open just about any file type out there. EXAIR’s trusted folks will engage in your conversation and stay with you through to a conclusion.

We enjoy coming up with creative ways to solve problems and urge you to take the time to contact us and let us know what you have in mind. At the very least you will find out more along the way toward a solution, at most we will get your problem solved. So if you have doubts about a current compressed air application you have in place or questions about the way something is set up, contact us. Don’t be worried about us laughing at you or reprimanding you – that’s for those naysayers you work with. Give us a call and lets see what we can get worked out.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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