Stay Tuned

Have you ever found yourself with big news that you’d love to share, but the timing just isn’t right yet?

I had four really good blog topics lined up for this week, or so I thought. Four more first-and-only announcements from EXAIR. Because of a little detail here or there, none of them turned out to be ready today.

I wanted to tell you about a completely new family of products coming soon from EXAIR. Engineering is putting the finishing touches on them right now. But that’s about all I can say about them right now. Stay tuned for more information.

On another front, I planned to announce another round of compliance news for EXAIR products. Turns out we are waiting for a couple of labels, so we’ll have to wait a bit longer. Probably no more than a week. Once again, stay tuned.

And we have a big announcement coming on the conservation and sustainability front. And, as usual, EXAIR sets the pace. Once again, we have to finalize a couple of details including a label. It shouldn’t be much longer. Stay tuned.

And finally, EXAIR once again has product award news. It’ll be posted soon, we promise. We are waiting for some information from the organization handling the awards. We should have what we need by next week. Stay tuned.

It seems like all of these projects are coming to fruition at the same time, and we’ve got a little bit of a logjam near the finish line. But we’re not complaining. There are many problems worse than finalizing too many new things at once.

Some companies might go a year or two and never manage to finish one of these kinds of projects, let alone four at once.

I’d hate to be part of one of those slow moving companies.

Stay tuned for more. There is plenty more in the pipeline. It’s part of what makes EXAIR so special.

Bryan Peters

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