OK, two weeks ago I told you that EXAIR had several blog-worthy items coming, but they just weren’t quite ready yet.  Finally, some things are starting to break loose!

Last week we announced that the last remaining major group of EXAIR products are now CE compliant.  This includes products in our Industrial Housekeeping group like the Reversible Drum Vac, Chip Vac, Heavy Duty Dry Vac, Chip Trapper and Vac-u-Gun.  It also includes our entire line of Line Vac air operated conveyors and E-Vac vacuum generators.  Over the next few weeks the CE mark will be added to all of the appropriate sections of our web site for these products.  Once again, EXAIR sets the standard for performance, safety and standards compliance.

Last week we also announced that our PEEK Super Air Nozzles were chosen as Plant Engineering Product of the Year finalists.  You can see more about those products here.  Nobody else in the world has products like these.  Once again, EXAIR sets the standard.  And a big thank you to everyone at Plant Engineering.  This is the twelfth time overall that EXAIR has been chosen as a finalist, and it’s our ninth consecutive year of introducing a new product innovative enough to be recognized as a finalist in this prestigious competition.  I’m not aware of anyone else that has such a strong track record of developing award-winning new products.  Please vote for EXAIR when you receive your copy of Plant Engineering this month.  The winners will be announced early next year.

If you haven’t visited recently, you might not have seen the newest addition to our web site.  The UPS Carbon Neutral logo is now shown on our home page.  EXAIR supports customers in their quest to reduce compressed air and energy consumption with products designed specifically for those purposes.  We also have a comprehensive sustainability plan that includes conservation and recycling.  And now, all shipments via UPS that are billed to EXAIR are carbon neutral.  The appropriate carbon offsets have been arranged to render all of our shipments carbon neutral.  It’s just one more way that EXAIR backs its commitment to conservation and sustainability with tangible action.  You can read more about the program here.

And that new family of products that I mentioned?  It’s finished and ready to go on January 1, 2011.  Stay tuned.

Industry leading standards compliance.  Check.

Consistent, award-winning innovation.  Check.

Tangible corporate social responsibility.  Check.

Just another year here at EXAIR.

Claims are easy.  Proof is hard.

Bryan Peters

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