Happy Holidays from EXAIR

Today was my second favorite day of the year. My favorite was last Saturday when we held our annual holiday party for our team members and their families.

Today was our annual holiday lunch at EXAIR. It’s a different sort of day. Special.

Years ago, we used to all go over to a local restaurant for lunch. But about three years ago we decided to just have lunch catered in to our building so that nobody had to go anywhere. It takes more work than the restaurant, but everyone agrees that it’s a better overall experience. Everyone gets to each lunch together in the same room, side by side, elbow to elbow, alongside people you might not normally see on any given day.

The feast doesn’t begin at lunchtime by any means. Not today. By 8 AM, word had already spread about cookies, candy and other treats all over the building. It’s great that so many people want to share with their coworkers.

In the end, of course, it’s not about the food.

The food is great, but that’s not the best part of the day. The fellowship and camaraderie are the best part of the day. Lunch only lasts for about an hour, but it’s a great hour. Today I had lunch next to Kirk, Chris, Ed and Gary. Those guys are from four different departments and don’t really work alongside each other on a normal day. But today we all just had our lunch and talked.

It was a great hour.

I want to say thank you to everyone that put together such a great lunch and to everyone that took part. It’s not that often that we all get to spend that sort of quality time together.

Today reminds me what a great group of people that we have at EXAIR. From all of us at EXAIR, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Bryan Peters

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