Knowledge [Base] is Power

I have recently placed a post on our Facebook page about our Knowledge Base and I am asking for comments about it. Please take some time to look into the Knowledge Base and its valuable information. After looking at it leave us a comment on Facebook (you will need to LIKE our page) or this blog. Let us know if you would like to see something which is not there, or if you have a question about the information, what would you add?

Right now You will see Air Data; a collection of pressure, force, flow and heat conversions. It also explains how to calculate air consumption at different inlet pressures which is helpful when you only have air data at 80 PSIG but your line pressure is 60 PSIG. Air Data also explains the best practices for air system piping and charts pressure loss through lengths of pipe.

You will see our calculators to determine potential air savings of switching to EXAIR products. You can link to this blog or read our FAQ’s. You can learn about our Efficiency Lab Service, view our product videos, and browse our wiki. There is also a link to our Twitter feeds.

If you choose to register you can gain these valuable resources: An Application Database with over 800 examples of how our products have solved a problem. Our CAD library offers 3D models and 2D drawings for download , all of our products are represented in multiple formats. You can also download the entire catalog or individual sections in .pdf form, we even have a section optimized for use with the iPad. And you can also view or present our slide shows to learn or teach about the products.

So help us gain knowledge, what did you see that we are missing? What do you think we should add or do differently? Leave a comment at our Facebook page (don’t forget to LIKE it) or on this blog.

Thank you,
Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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