Tax Time Is Here Again

Everyone in the U.S. knows it’s tax time.  Some people will wait and wait until the deadline then be rushing to get to the post office before midnight, others will already have their taxes done as the same day they get their last W2 or 1090-something.  There are always the ones who don’t worry about paying taxes at all and end up like the video below.  (In case you didn’t guess it’s an MC Hammer reference).

Now I can honestly say that I have never had to do my taxes by hand.  When I was younger my mother and sister took care of them and even through college I got lucky.  Then once I was out of college, living on my own, and had a house I got to do my own taxes.  Now my mom didn’t just throw me to the wolves.  She came to my house with her computer which she had some tax software on and helped me walk through it.  This was when I realized how important keeping records are.  Luckily my girlfriend, now wife, was a good record keeper so we had everything needed.   That year came and went, we got our separate returns and life was good.

Then we got married, so that year our taxes changed.  That year I bought my own software and decided I should be able to handle the taxes no problem. Little did I know anytime you change anything in your life the IRS will find a way to make you pay and make it confusing.  So I ended up inviting my parents down for dinner and just happened to be working on the taxes when they got there (not planned at all, I promise).  My mother, being the wonderful person she is, helped me limp through it and explained it wasn’t that bad.  Once again we got our return and were on our way as usual. 

Fast forward to last night, my wife and I now have a daughter who was born last year, we still own a home, I worked three jobs last year total, and we couldn’t remember what we had done for energy credits.  I sat down with my netbook at the dining room table, hooked up an extra monitor so I didn’t have to squint and prepare my stack of papers.  After about an hour of trying to sort through all the questions and reading the help files I swore to myself that I was going to make notes on all the questions I have trouble answering EVERY year – I didn’t.   I did however decide that if the software companies want to make even more money they should throw in a six-pack with purchase.  I never would have guessed that “staying hydrated” while doing taxes would have made it go faster.  

Needless to say our taxes are done and being sent to good ol’ mom to try to make sure we don’t get one of those foreign cars with the silent “T” on the end – You know an AudiT (that’s a Family Guy reference from season two for those that care).  I didn’t procrastinate this year which was a plus for getting my taxes done but somehow it seems that as long as I have done my taxes no two years have been the same.   

Here at EXAIR we are also changing constantly, even more than my taxes.  We release new products faster than some companies can think of what they might want for lunch.  Not only that but we make sure the products are fully researched and developed before we send them out.  Yet another reason we are still here and continuing to provide you a quality product, not to mention some good daily reading.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer
Twitter: @EXAIR_BF

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