Nobody is Hiring

“Nobody is hiring” – that’s a phrase that we hear over and over in the news media.

Is it true?  I think in many cases that it is true.  Business owners, especially in manufacturing, are cautious about adding to their workforces after the past two years of austerity.

But it isn’t 100% true.  The myth about the death of manufacturing in the United States isn’t true.  Manufacturing as a whole is growing again, and those companies that have positioned themselves for growth are indeed adding to their employment rosters.

Here at EXAIR, we’ve added two new people in the past couple of weeks, and two more are on the way before the end of February.  EXAIR is growing.  In fact, business is booming.  Brand strength has never been higher.  And the small steps that we take every day, every week and every month continue to position us for future success.  To our knowledge, few if any companies can match our track record of innovative new product introductions.  Our service is second to none.  And our team is the most experienced in the industry by a quantum leap.

Business at EXAIR is good, and we talk to manufacturers every day that are saying the same things.  Those small, individual successes are combining to revitalize an industry long left for dead.  Kind of like the city of Detroit.  I thought this Super Bowl commercial was one of the strongest that I have seen in a long time.

Manufacturers ARE recovering.  Jobs ARE returning.  Companies are picking themselves up, dusting themselves off and getting back to business.  Those that positioned themselves correctly before and during the downturn in order to be ready to take advantage of economic growth are already reaping the fruits of their difficult labor.

And we are proud to be a small part of that resurgence.

To paraphrase Eminem, “this is U.S. manufacturing, and this is what we do”.

Bryan Peters

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