Variety is the Spice of Life

A variety of customers equals a variety of tools and information to offer them…

I recognize some of you may be a bit introverted. You prefer a quiet space for concentration. You are most comfortable gathering the facts, thinking about them and then acting. Here is what I prescribe:

  • The Application Assistance Worksheet
  • This tidy little remedy will allow you to enter the facts about your application and generally elicits a quick, non-intrusive e-mail response with our recommended solution to your problem which you may view at your leisure. Thank you for visiting

It’s OK, I understand why you would be skeptical. It is hard to get over experiences with companies or people who promise an oyster but deliver a grain of sand. In order to get over your skepticism, perhaps this will help:

  • EXAIR’s Efficiency Lab
  • What better way to get over your skepticism than to use a service which gathers facts – your current situation facts and facts about a potential solution. EXAIR will readily accept your current air nozzles, open pipes, home-made air knives, fittings etc. for evaluation. We will test these products for volume of compressed air consumption, noise levels, force and safety on our calibrated equipment so we may then offer an energy-saving solution. We respond with a full report about what we found and what you can gain from choosing our solution. All the data is verified and factual – rest at ease, you will get what you pay for. Thanks for visiting

Yes, I understand – it is hard to determine the potential of a product simply through a website or catalog or video. You need to experience the solution hands on – first hand. Fortunately I can help:

  • Try out any cataloged product for 30 days to decide if it can provide you a solution. No worries – find out for yourself. Thanks for visiting

You should be concerned about the sustainability of resources and energy efficiency. It is natural and responsible to want to deal with companies who are responsible as well. Take this sustainability plan and ease your conscience in the morning:

  • EXAIR’s Sustainability Plan
  • We have all noticed the changes around here. By raising awareness for all of us at EXAIR it has created an interest among our company to be diligent with our resources. Read about our results by clicking the previous link. Thanks for visiting

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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