Social Media? Who does that?

With all the talk and hype about Twitter, Blogs, Facebook, Linked in, iGoogle widgets, YouTube, and Live Chat who can keep up with all of it?  Judging by the numbers we are the ONLY compressed air products company that does.  All the competitors are trying to keep up with all the trends and they either don’t see a point in it or try to keep up and just fall behind.  Well, not us!  EXAIR is everywhere.  All the Application Engineers, the President of the company, and even Professor Penurious are on Twitter everyday.  We have new content on our Facebook page multiple times weekly, not to mention a new blog almost daily.

On our Facebook page we not only post links to our blogs we also post all of our achievements, pictures from different activities, employee activities, and even those crazy Professor Penurious videos that are funny and kid friendly.  Make sure if you visit our FB page to give us the gift of a click on the Like button. 

Through our Twitter accounts we bring you news stories, blog entries, jokes, links that peak our interest, even T Shirts we may like.  So if you are on Twitter and would like some new followers or have a question we can answer give one of us a follow and you’ll start getting our Tweets. 

Here’s a list of all our Tweeps:


@EXAIR_LE (Soon to come)

On iGoogle we give you a nice widget that will give you an up to date stream of our tweets, blogs, applications, and even our YouTube videos.  So while you are browsing your  iGoogle homepage checking all your news feeds and feeding your goldfish you can even keep up to speed on what’s happening here at EXAIR.


Then on our YouTube channel we have all of our product videos along with the Professor Penurious videos.  You can see how products like the Chip Trapper work and how easy they are to assemble all the way to how the Professor gets to work. 

So whether you are in the office, on the road at a customer’s, in a coffee shop, or sitting at home, you can reach us.  You can even Tweet us your questions if you would like.  No matter the method you’ll still get a genuine response from one of us directly just like when you call in.  You won’t get a robot answering.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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