Indispensable Men…And Others

“The graveyards are full of indispensable men.”  – Charles De Gaulle

Among my vices (which I won’t go into here for a variety of reasons) is a tendency to watch way too much TV.  Whether you’re a fan or not, if you own a television, you’re probably aware of a hit CBS sitcom called “Two and a Half Men.”  If you are a fan, you’re no doubt disappointed by the abrupt decision to discontinue the show, brought on by star Charlie Sheen’s erratic public actions and comments of late.

I’m not picking on poor Charlie Sheen here.  From what I can see, his attitude could easily have been influenced by a wide range of factors, and I’m not talking about alcohol and drugs, although it certainly appears he needs help in this category – help I genuinely hope he seeks.

No; in today’s world of reality-TV “stars” who have become celebrities-for-celebrity’s-sake, and financial & business institutions who are deemed “too big to fail,” perhaps poor Charlie has an excuse for feeling that his singular talent renders him irreplaceable.  Of course, he’s not.  If he doesn’t return to the playground and start playing nice, he’ll be unemployed and, most likely, untouchable.  As for his fans, all that will happen to us is we’ll have to wait & see what new show CBS will be airing Monday nights at 8:30, come this fall.

Most of us who DON’T have jobs starring in award-winning sitcoms appreciate a bit of vulnerability in this respect.  I’m not advocating a constant fear of being fired; just a healthy dose of humility to keep oneself grounded.  And I’m probably preaching to the choir here.

Successful business leaders know a corollary to Gen. De Gaulle’s observation above:  “If we don’t take care of the customer, somebody else will.”  At EXAIR, we pride ourselves on taking care of the customer.  We have an awesome website that’s filled with easy to find information on any of our products.  Our Customer Service team is second to none in courtesy and efficiency.  A quick look through our catalog will reveal the graphic arts prowess of our Marketing folks, and the many “Plant Engineering Product of the Year” acknowledgements will tip you off to the skills and abilities of EXAIR’s Design, Engineering, and Manufacturing teams.  This pursuit of excellence goes all the way to the dock door, where 99.9% of our orders shipped on time since we began keeping track in 1996.  And I’m proud to say how blessed I am to work in Application Engineering, where we eagerly await the opportunity to help you make the most of your compressed air use.

Personally, I’ve always enjoyed Charlie Sheen’s work.  I hope he doesn’t find out the hard way (any more than he already has) that the aforementioned graveyards are not too full for one more.  Come to think of it, that’s my hope for all of us.

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