Alarmingly Helpful

I was talking with someone the other day about EXAIR, and they asked me for some words or phrases to describe our company and our philosophy.  I thought about it for a few minutes, and I added “Alarmingly Helpful” to the standard “Big 5” (Efficiency, Performance, Safety, Quality, Service), along with some others.

“Alarmingly helpful?  How can help be alarming?”, they asked.  Here’s the explanation:

EXAIR strives to be so helpful that customers are actually taken aback that we are willing to go to the lengths that we are in order to help a them.  We want them to take away the impression that we aren’t like most other companies.  Truth is, we aren’t, and we’re proud of it.

When a customer calls us with an application that we can’t solve with EXAIR products, we’ll REFER THEM TO ANOTHER COMPANY instead if we know that the solution already exists.  Our Application Engineers maintain an extensive list of products and technologies sold by others that can sometimes help customers.  If you require something like an explosion-proof purge system, a dense-phase conveying system, or a vehicle-mounted air compressor – we have a list of companies that can probably help you with your application.

Want a more extreme example?  From time to time (including a couple of times in the past week or so), customers contact us for technical support for a product that’s in their plant and isn’t working correctly.  The catch?  They aren’t even EXAIR products.  A handful of times already in 2011 a customer with a competitive product has contacted us for technical support even though we didn’t make the product at all.  Why did they contact us?  Because they couldn’t get the support they needed from the other manufacturer or distributor.

Here at EXAIR, we put the customer first, and we try to help them solve their problems even if we didn’t sell them the product.  Of course, we let them know that the product isn’t ours, but we try to help them anyway.  Why?  Because they will remember that we were able to help them even though we didn’t make or sell the product that is causing them problems.  They’ll also remember that we helped when the company that sold the product (and took their money) could not or would not.

So what makes EXAIR, EXAIR?  Give us a call, drop us an e-mail, a live chat request or even a tweet.  We’ll be there to help.

Just don’t be too alarmed.

In the meantime, please check out this video about Blackberry technical support.

Claims are easy, proof is hard.

Bryan Peters

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