Old Tools, New Tools – Use ’em All

My wife, who works with special needs kids in schools, had a unique experience with one of the students on her caseload. This elementary school student is non-verbal and is not social with any other children, he is sometimes social with adults. Generally he does not interact with his environment, does not play with other kids and wanders around the class much of the time. Her mission was try to find something he responded to so she could begin to evaluate and teach him.

So she broke out her typical tools to begin her process. She tried blocks, crayons, pull toys, books, puzzles an balls. None of those things could get his attention, no visual interest. He did enjoy a swing, so much so that the excitement caused him to let go of the ropes – not a good thing. And any of the other methods she tried failed to get this students interest or attention. But he did spy something which sparked interest and peaked attention…

It was her iPhone, and once he saw it he smiled and paid direct attention to it, he grabbed for it. So she let him hold it and proceeded to watch him use it. He knew how to turn it on and slide the button to open it up. Once opened, he scanned the phone to look for other icons to touch. There were a number of suitable apps for him to choose from and come to find out this kid showed very good fine motor skills and determination when given the right media to learn from.

He was able to produce good results from a number of apps on the phone. And when he had it taken away from him he showed impatience and engaged another adult to get it back. Once he got it back, he remembered exactly what to do, found the app he wanted and proceeded to open it up and use it. What a success story and what a place to start providing some results for this kid.

People everywhere can be similar to this experience. We all have preferences and tools we are inclined to use over others. We see this sometimes with our website, some folks love the amount of information we have on it, others are overwhelmed by the amount of information (we err on the side of more info is better). Some people like to read information, some prefer to watch videos and listen. There are others who prefer formal information and others prefer informal. You may want to look at the information on your PC or place into your new iPad. In any of these cases, EXAIR has the right outlet for you and we are constantly updating information and developing new tools to help you get results. Results of solving problems, increasing personnel safety and reducing energy consumption. Most of this information can be found at our Knowledge Base, but take a look around the whole website, you may just find the right tool to provide results.

Kirk Edwards
Application Engineer

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