Introducing EXAIR Mobile

Kirk Edwards wrote a great blog yesterday about using all tools available, both new and old.  It makes a great point about adding new tools to the established ones already in your arsenal.

As usual, we’ve been hard at work here at EXAIR pushing the envelope once again.

Last week we introduced the latest generation of EXAIR literature files optimized for the iPad.

EXAIR iPad Library

Today, we are introducing our mobile site for iOS and Android smartphones. Simply visit using the browser on your phone.  From there, you can create a bookmark or even install the web app to your device’s home screen.  This new web app offers the latest from EXAIR, including our blog, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube posts.  It also includes all the contact information for our Application Engineers and even a map to our location.  It’s never been easier to get help when and where you need it, whether you are on the road or on the plant floor.

EXAIR Mobile

For even quicker access, simply scan this 2-D bar code with your mobile device.  If you don’t already have the app, we recommend Neoreader.  You’ll be seeing more of these from us in the near future.

EXAIR Mobile

New innovations aren’t radical and unknown for EXAIR.  They are an extension of the same philosophy that we have followed for many years.  We want to be available via whatever method our customers choose.  Some prefer the tried and true telephone and fax machine.  Some prefer e-mail (did you know we were first in our industry to offer e-mail support?).  Some prefer our website (first again).  Others like our Live Chat feature (yep – first again).  Some customers find us on Twitter (you already guessed – first again).  Now we are offering mobile options for the iPad and iOS and Android smartphones.  And we are once again the first to do it.

Just more ways that EXAIR is different from everyone else.

We are here to help, wherever and whenever you need us.

Claims are easy, proof is hard.

Bryan Peters

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