Simple Solution- Super Savings

Here’s a great success story for you to read. It is a perfect example of how simple it can be to reduce your compressed air consumption and reap the benefits of our engineered air nozzles. The company below had a compressed air audit performed by a third-party who recognized the opportunity for super savings.

A very large stamping plant had an air audit done on their compressed air system. The auditors immediately identified 130  1/4″ open blow offs on 65 stamping presses. The open blowoffs were installed to clean and dry the manufactured product. It was suggested to them that they use air saving nozzles which prompted them to contact EXAIR, the leader in the compressed air technology.

They tried two of our model 1100 Super Air Nozzles for testing. Conducting their own tests, they identified a reduction of 1197 SCFM just by installing the EXAIR nozzles on all of the 1/4″ open blow offs. Over the estimated run time of their equipment and actual cost of energy to produce this amount of SCFM, they realized an annual cost savings of $45,000 + / year in compressed air consumption. Simple return on investment was 1 month and $3750 savings every month into the future.

Removing open blow offs by installing EXAIR’s engineered air nozzles on to these 1/4″ lines not only saves air but reduces noise significantly and increases safety to operators.

Pretty impressive savings but not uncommon. Do you have a success story using EXAIR products? We would like to hear the details.

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