Distribution and Manufacturing: Marriage Made in Heaven or Hell?

I recently read a blog by Lloyd Graff citing that he sees a trend with the consolidation of distribution and manufacturing companies. His contention is “The distributor buying the manufacturer can be a marriage made in hell because the cultures usually are quite different. The theory of distributor and vendor under the same tent sounds so simple in the business plan or annual report, but the reality is usually fraught with suspicion.” That may be so because paradigms are difficult to change.

EXAIR is the manufacturer and distributor of its products and we do not have the problems with distribution nor manufacturing as Mr . Graff  purports. How do we make that work – CUSTOMER FOCUS! Having both the manufacturing and distribution under one umbrella, and everyone working under the same mantra, we have the flexibility to meet the demands of the customer. While everyone else is taking about supply chain sustainability, we’re living it.

EXAIR was recently recognized by a high frequency customer for 100% on time deliveries. Our own records show that for all orders we have met our promised ship date 99.9% of the time. This just is not possible unless everyone is singing from the same page – Customer Focus.

All our cataloged items are in stock and ready for immediate delivery. On occasion an inordinate large quantity order comes in finding us short on stock. For us it is a simple matter of giving the production folks a heads up and they respond accordingly.

We would like to be challenged by your application. Give one of our engineers a call at 1-800-903-9247.

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