Air Wipers – Nozzles Increase Production, Decrease Maintenance

I had a company that extrudes plastic decking contact me with a problem they were having. To remove the sheen and impart a textured surface, they spray on a chemical wash. To remove the excess, they were using mechanical wipers. The problem with the wipers is that they wore out too fast, left streaks, and could not get into grooves.

EXAIR suggested using our 2″ wide super air nozzle   mounted on a  stay set hose for easy adjustment. In the video you can see the nozzle in the lower right corner. As it blows  air into the side groove of the part, you can see it easily cleans the groove as it sprays the liquid to the left. With no contact on the product the only maintenance is an occasional wiping of the nozzle to remove over spray.

Not only were they able to eliminate replacing wipers, they were able to speed up the process to “lightning fast” as the customer put it.

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