The Case of the Missing Nozzle

I recently discussed Safety Air Guns with a customer who was the head of safety in his facility.  The issue he was having was all of the operators had been taking the regulators off his traditional style air guns to get the cleaning of their parts done.   When he asked them the reasoning, they would say there was no way they could get the debris removed when they are restricted to 30 PSIG.  They were simply not able to get the job done because they didn’t have a good distribution of air or enough force to get the job done.

I asked him what style gun he was using and he told me it was a cheap gun he got from his industrial supplier.  He gave me a picture of the gun below.

As you can see the gun has an extension on it which is simply an open pipe.  Because it is just a section of pipe and can be dead ended, they had to regulate the gun to lower than 30 PSIG inlet pressure to meet OSHA standards or face a fine.

The application was to simply remove metal chips from holes and cavities after a machining process.  They need the extension to reach around the extents of the part and the thinner pipe to get into some of the blind holes.   Our Precision Safety Air Gun was an ideal replacement for this gun.   The extension was nearly the same and because our Engineered Nano Super Air Nozzle is at the tip it can not be dead ended.  This means their operators can run full line pressure and still not be able to dead end the gun.

The other part to the equation is because they were using our Engineered Solution, they were also able to save compressed air.  The gun they were using would consume 19.3 SCFM @ 80 PSIG.  Our Precision Safety Air Gun is going to consume   8.3 SCFM @ 80 PSIG.  This means the customer will save $0.17 per hour of use on the guns.   Multiply that by the 25 guns they have in house means they will be saving $4.25 per hour of use for their parts cleaning operations.

If you have any hand held blow gun or lance operations in your facility that are using non engineered solutions, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you select the right Safety Air Gun along with assistance to calculate how much air and money you’ll be able to save by implementing the engineered solution.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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