Can I get a ‘lil service with that attitude?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I’m sure.  EXAIR is in a class above the rest when it comes to – well, everything, but, especially – service.

I wrote a blog a while back highlighting the pride we take at EXAIR in providing our clients with top notch service.  Today, I was reminded again of how most companies do not share the same ideology.

I placed a call to a consumer products/service company with which I’ve done business for many years.  After 10 minutes of being routed through different teleprompters and “telephone assistants who will ensure I receive the best service possible”, I finally was able to speak to a real person.  Twenty five minutes later, the person on the other end of the phone still wasn’t listening to me.  I had to stop them mid-sentence and ask pointedly “Can you tell me why I called in today?”

They couldn’t.  They were so eager to tell me what they had been trained to say, they had no idea how to listen to what my needs actually were!  …Woosah…

I’m pleased to be in an environment that not only expects and rewards positive listening techniques, but also teaches and practices them as well.  It’s just one of the ways we strive to excel at EXAIR.

If you need an ear on your project or application, contact an Application Engineer.  We’re here to listen.

Lee Evans
Application Engineer

One thought on “Can I get a ‘lil service with that attitude?

  1. I LOVE this approach: “Can you tell me why I called in today?”

    What a great observation and training tool. I am reminded of my husband’s experience with a 2-month old lawn mower that caught on fire. It caught on fire when it was off, and my husband was in the garage – the mower was about 15 yards away in the front yard. The CSR he contacted kept saying “when you caught your mower on fire…” and my husband kept correcting him, “I didn’t catch it on fire, it caught on fire…”

    I wish my husband had asked this very question “Can you tell me why I called in today?” Might have saved him 8 months of telephone tag, and a lost customer for the mower company.


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