Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

This past weekend I helped to load my brother in-law’s house up and move all of his family’s belongings from Memphis back to Cincinnati.  Last night ,when he was finally able to come into town himself, we were hanging out and someone asked him how it feels to be back in Cincinnati, where he’s from.  He said it is still surreal, it won’t be real until he starts working and his wife and kids are with him in another week.

The conversation went on to talk about what it took for him to get the new job.  It took him a total of 7 trips and interviews / tests / meetings in order to prove he was the best candidate through skills and knowledge, but all boiled down to one point.  The persons interviewing him asked him one final question, which isn’t uncommon for interviews, “Tell us how you think you are more dedicated or vested for this position.”

His answer was very simple, none of the other applicants have traveled over 7,000 miles and sacrificed as much time to even have a chance for the same position.  I believe that is what finally made the people in charge realize that this guy is already dedicated to the position and he doesn’t even have it yet.

While his family is going to be going through some radical changes in the next year, trying to acclimate back to having friends and family within minutes along with new schedules and jobs, it goes to prove the saying, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

Here at EXAIR we are constantly expanding our areas of expertise and venturing into new products, new designs, and every way possible to prove to you, our customer, how we are far more dedicated to helping you than any of our “competition”.   I put competition in quotes because I feel very strongly that no other compressed air product manufacturer offers the level of support, quality of product or stands behind their products anywhere near as much as we do here at EXAIR.

So if you have any questions or need help with a compressed air application, don’t hesitate to contact an Application Engineer.  We’ll venture further than we have before to make sure we have tried everything possible to help.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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