Adjustable E-vac and Vacuum Cup Solve Lifting Problem

Sometimes small problems can present a significant challenge for those in industry who are charged with carrying out the business of their enterprise. Following is one such small example provided by our Australian distributor.

The customer works for a materials testing lab. One of their daily tasks is to perform compression strength tests on a variety of materials. The material is normally in the form of a cylinder and can weigh anywhere from a few kilos to 20 kilograms or more. The problem lies in how to handle them as the material is smooth in nature and is obviously heavy.

In their search for a solution, the customer came to our distributor with the idea of using a vacuum generator and a vacuum cup arrangement to pick up on the cylinder’s flat surface. Following are some photos of the rig that the customer set up in their lab.

Rig assembly

Sandstone Lifting Rig2

The customer was happy to report that the Adjustable E-vac and a 6″ diameter vacuum cup will certainly benefit their manual handling procedures in the lab. Having the right tool for a job sure does make the job easier to complete and less stressful for those who have to perform the tasks.

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Neal Raker
Application Engineer

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