Combined Ideas Equal Great Outcomes

easter breadBeing of Sicilian grandparents, whose children married into other nationalities, our family gatherings were a cornucopia of traditional foods. We did not pay attention to what they were supposed to be called, but knew the ones we liked and mom modified the ones we didn’t like so much. Just as our country is a melting pot of nationalities, mom’s recipe box was a blend of international cuisines.

For example, it is an old world tradition for the matriarch of the family on Easter to bake Easter Bread. This is a sweetbread with a colored Easter egg embedded in it. For Christmas anise cookies were a family favorite. So what does mom do? She combines the two recipes, substituting the bread dough for cookie dough. Each of us got to color our own egg and twist the dough around it in whatever shape we chose. It was not until adulthood, when I searched the internet for the recipe, that I discovered that this was not the traditional Easter bread.

messy-desk  Case in point, Mom’s creativeness is an example of how we have come by technological advancements in the industrial market today. Engineers see something that intrigues them, and they start thinking how they can use it for something.  How else can you explain the accumulation of ” stuff ” around their workspace?

EXAIR’s application engineers are an inquisitive bunch and are always looking for ways to help others find solutions to industrial problems. They talk with hundreds of engineers across every conceivable market segment daily. And, as with Mom, they combine recipes of success to solve your particular application.

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