Space – My Final Frontier

The weather in Cincinnati this week has been a little less than stellar for those of us who like to be on two wheels or outside.  While the temperature hasn’t been too bad (close to the 50’s all week) it has rained nearly every day.  This weekend’s forecast, rain.  So rather than setting my house up to compete with the new dubstep holiday lights, I will be working in the garage.

That’s right, even in December I will be working on the race bike, preparing it for the few months of down time and making sure it is all set up for next season.  That combined with trying to get my garage to where my wife can park again makes me wish I had a much larger garage.

air knife cooling

Space always seems to be an issue, whether it’s finding someplace to store something or being able to fit a blowoff or conveyor in a production line at work.  This is why EXAIR designs our products to have the smallest footprint possible.  The Super Air Knife can fit into tight spaces between rolls and is fed off a standard compressed air line.  This means you don’t have to find someplace to put a large blower motor and the noise damping enclosure along with having to run large ductwork to the application.


We also offer the Line Vac air operated conveyor which slides right in to your conveyance hose and barely increases the footprint of the conveyance hose run.  Rather than trying to figure out which style of conveyor belt to use and how to orient the line to convey that product (either horizontal or vertical), simply run an appropriately sized conveyance hose, hook up compressed air and the product is ready to move.

Here at EXAIR we strive to give our customers what they want and need, it all starts with our design and ends with our customer service.

Brian Farno
Application Engineer

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